The AUM College of Education recognizes that the development of a competent, committed, and reflective educator means the development of a Professional Educator.

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Admissions' Requirements for College of Education Programs

List of offered programs

Admission Requirements for Teacher Certification Programs
Traditional Master of Education - Students who hold Class-B Teacher Certificate
Alternative Master of Education - Students with non-Education Bachelor's degree
Education Specialist
Counselor Education - Education Specialist Degree
School Counselor - Master's Degree
Clinical Mental Health - Master's Degree
Instructional Leadership
Instructional Leadership - Education Specialist Degree
Instructional Leadership - Master's Degree
Instructional Technology
Instructional Technology - Education Specialist Degree
Instructional Technology - Master's Degree

Sport Management - Master's Degree
Exercise Science - Master's Degree

For Information about Undergraduate Admission Requirements, please visit AUM Admissions website or click the link below:
Undergraduate Admissions Requirements


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