The AUM College of Education recognizes that the development of a competent, committed, and reflective educator means the development of a Professional Educator.

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Counselor Education


Courses use a blend of technology and media to support candidates in a variety of learning environments.  All Counselor Education programs prepare counselors to provide specially designed interventions for their clients and to work with diverse populations. An internship is required.
Counseling Student Handbook
Counseling Clinical Experiences Handbook

School Counseling
Traditional Masters Plan of Study
Education Specialist Plan of Study

Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Traditional Masters Plan of Study
Education Specialist Plan of Study

Career Paths

Private Practice Counseling
School Counseling
Play Therapy
Adult Development and Aging/Gerontology

In order to evaluate and improve the counseling program of study, current and former students are surveyed during the Spring Semester each year. Students are asked to complete the Counselor Education Survey, and evaluate their training, professional development and involvement opportunities, and faculty-student mentoring. Current and former students are also asked for suggestions about improving the program. Finally, they list their employment, professional certifications and licensure, current professional membership and service and honors.  Informal student input is also solicited from students periodically as needed.

Comprehensive Program Plan for the AUM Counselor Education Program

The Counseling Program at AUM engages in an array of data gathering activities to improve its program.  The Comprehensive Assessment Plan for the Counselor Education Program at Auburn University at Montgomery addresses both the continuous systematic program evaluation processes as well as the assessment of student learning outcomes processes.  The assessment plan is detailed at both the curricular experiences and overall program level in relation to assessing direct evidence of student learning.  To view the plan, click the link above. The Comprehensive Program Evaluation is displayed by year (click links below) on the Counselor Education webpage and gives the actual findings for this plan every year.   The Comprehensive Program Evaluation displays all findings, surveys, & data as well as program modifications and any other substantial program changes based on program review of the data.

2017 Counseling Program Evaluation Annual Report

2016 Counseling Program Evaluation Annual Report

2015 Counseling Program Evaluation Annual Report

2014 Counseling Program Evaluation & Graduate Information

2013 Counseling Program Evaluation Annual Report

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