WarhawkFit is the only cardiovascular disease prevention program of its kind in the River Region. The program includes an extensive health and fitness assessment, along with a detailed explanation of testing results. The following assessments are included: body composition, aerobic fitness test, heart rate analysis via electrocardiogram, blood analysis, muscular strength and endurance analysis, pulmonary function, and flexibility measures. WarhawkFit offers the community improved preventive health education and resources. 

Current WarhawkFit Assessments and Prices:

Complete Health and Fitness Appraisal:
Maximal Aerobic Power (VO2max) (Treadmill or Cycle):  $89.99
Lactate Threshold (Treadmill or Cycle):  $89.99
Body Fat Percentage Analysis via the 4-compartment model:  $49.99
Body Fat Percentage Analysis via the Skinfold Technique:  $9.99
10-week Weight Loss/Management Program:  $199.99


All funds generated through WarhawkFit will support program operations, student fellowships, and research in AUM's Department of Kinesiology.

To schedule a WarhawkFit assessment, or for more information on the educational, research, and service-oriented programs offered through the Human Performance Lab, please contact:

Dr. Michael R. Esco

Assistant Professor of Kinesiology

Co-Director, Human Performance Laboratory






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