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Nothing is more important than making sure tomorrow’s leaders get the best advice and guidance today. If you agree with that statement, read on.

You already have an undergraduate degree in education and you’re looking to increase your opportunities. Well, a master’s in education from AUM is an excellent way to do it. But don’t take our word for it. In 2011, U.S. News & World Report rated the Auburn Montgomery Master’s of Education program as a “Best Education School” for Student Counseling & Personnel Services among other categories. Rest assured, Auburn Montgomery is the best school in the area to build up your credentials and your teaching skills, and our master’s programs in counseling are CACREP accredited.

Sure, a pay raise and promotion are two reasons to earn an advanced degree in education, but AUM students get more than that. We make sure you build a solid base of critical skills that will become the foundation for your continued success. Our M.Ed. in Counseling Education program emphasizes listening, empathizing, building relationships and the commitment to make a difference.

Earning your M.Ed. at AUM is an outstanding way to increase your marketability as a teacher and a sure way to improve your skills as a counselor. Ask around. We’re confident you’ll hear good things about our M.Ed. program. We look forward to helping you earn the credentials you need to qualify for new opportunities and improve your know-how to help the students who come to you for advice and guidance.

Apply today and take the first step toward becoming a Master of Education in Counseling Education at AUM, and get ready to make an even bigger impact in the lives around you. Or, to speak to someone about this program, please contact us.


Approximate program length: Two years.

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