The AUM College of Education recognizes that the development of a competent, committed, and reflective educator means the development of a Professional Educator.

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College of Education Virtual Avatar Laboratory (VAL)

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The College of Education (COE) at Auburn University at Montgomery (AUM) is proud to provide Alabama’s only Virtual Avatar Laboratory (VAL) through Mursion, Inc. Mursion’s mixed reality platform employs a combination of artificial intelligence and live actors to deliver powerful simulations that mimic the most challenging interactions that teachers face on the job. Others may know the VAL as the TeachLivE technology engineered by the University of Central Florida that has been successful in leading the research in teacher simulations. This blend of technology and human performance creates a fully immersive and challenging simulation environment that forces learners to take risks (without harming students) and from which they can learn how to improve day-to-day performance with immediate, evidence-based feedback.

Who Benefits From the VAL?

Beyond the COE, Mursion’s immersive training simulator also can be used by a wide range of partners, such as colleges, non-academic units, school systems, the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE), and other outside organizations to improve or customize an interpersonal learning environment. Partners with a wide range of needs can expect immersive, personalized learning in the VAL because it is:

  • AUTHENTIC AND HANDS ON Models what research says works best for adult learners

  • TARGETED Focuses on discrete skills and produces common performance errors
  • INTERACTIVE Promotes self-reflection and accelerates professional growth
  • PERSONALIZED Meets partners where they are and enables them to practice skills they can use tomorrow

Where is the VAL?

The VAL is located on the AUM campus in COE Room 100.

When is the VAL Available?

The VAL is available 8 a.m. - 7:00 p.m., Monday - Friday (depending upon availability)

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VAL Interest Form
VAL Presence Questionnaire (VAL participants only)

Instructional Leadership-Budget Negotiations for Principals and Central Office
Instructional Leadership-Enforcing the Zero Tolerance Policy
Instructional Leadership-Parent/Teacher Conference and Bullying
Kinesiology-Dietary intake and Healthy eating
Psychology-Behavior Management Techniques
Special Education-Explaining to a parent their child has a disability
Special Education-Teacher interviews
Special Education-Practicing the 5 Steps of a Verbal Reprimand
Special Education-Explaining student test scores
Special Education-Practicing model, lead, test, retest
Special Education-Parent/Teacher conference for low student academic performance
Special Education-Delivering empathetic statements to parents
Counseling Education-Traumatic training (k-12)
Elementary Education-ELL training

Mt. Meigs-Working with difficult students
Montgomery Public Schools-Principal workshop-Working with difficult parents
Air Force Chaplains-Dealing with deployment; monetary issues
Air Force AU-Leadership by design
Air Force SOC-Working with difficult groups
Air Force EAKER-handling social media; LGBTQ; chain of command
Trenholm State Community College- Student empathy